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What is Fans4Writers?

Fans4Writers is a movement of fans - fans of TV shows and movies, fans of actors, fans of directors, fans of producers, crew and everyone involved in the team effort of crafting wonder. But most of all we are fans of writers, because they are where the wonder begins. They write the words we remember, they create the characters we love, they think up the lines that stay with us forever.

As supporters of the people behind the scenes, who develop and write the stories that have meant so much to so many, we wanted to do something tangible to show them that we support the Writers Guild of America strike.

Our first foray out to the picket lines was to deliver pizza to the writers at Universal Studios, to feed the bodies that have fed our minds.

It quickly became clear and necessary for the effort to encompass more than just a single group of fans. As such, Fans4Writers is not just for one fandom. It is not just for "genre" fans, television fans or movie fans. This effort belongs to fans of ALL striking writers.

We support the writers in their fight for fair treatment and equitable pay. We will support them with our thoughts, with food deliveries, with money, and we will pick up signs and march with them until a resolution is found. We do it in appreciation, and because it's right. Here's what the writers are saying about us.

What are we doing to support the WGA?

Fans4Writers is a rallying point for all fans. We are supporting the strike through morale boosting activities such as "Food for Thought", protests to networks and advertisers, spreading the word and educating the curious.

We are in this for the long haul, and will stand side by side with the writers until a fair and equitable agreement is reached.

At the conclusion of the strike, any remaining funds will be donated to the Writers Guild Foundation to support its charitable and educational activities.

Who is behind Fans4Writers?

There is a virtual army of people who are working to support the WGA through Fans4Writers. These are just a few of them.

Brenda Lawhorn (a.k.a. ravenu) - Cincinnati, OH
Campaign Coordinator

A frequent Whedonesquer and a natural organizer, Brenda is the sparkle behind the Star4Whedon campaign, and created the "Conversations with the Verse" charity campaign to raise money for Katrina victims.

Amy Norman (a.k.a. dreamlogic) - Los Angeles, CA
Food for Thought Co-ordinator

A long-time Whedonesque poster and paralegal, Amy enjoys feeding people, so is loving this position.

Adam Levermore-Rich (a.k.a. lexigeek) - Palo Alto, CA
Media Coordinator

A graphic designer, PR professional, and longtime fan of all things Joss Whedon, Adam is increasingly active in the Firefly fan community. In 2006, he organized the acclaimed "Browncoats' Backup Bash", an impromptu but incredibly successful event thrown in response to the last-minute cancellation of a Firefly/Serenity convention.

Sarah McKinlay (a.k.a. Sadimac) - Portland, OR
Community Outreach
With a family background in both activism and fandom, Sarah hopes her work in support of the WGA will please all her ancestors. She spends a lot of time as one of several leads in the PDX Browncoats, where she mostly works on volunteer coordination and event staging.

Prakash Patel (a.k.a. Kurya) - Montreal, Canada

Co-founder of the Montreal Browncoats, Prakash organizes the Montreal "Can't Stop The Serenity" charity screenings.

Jen Cummings (a.k.a. JenskiJen) - Melbourne, Australia
Community Outreach/ Communications

Jen has organised charity and promotional events in Australia, Canada and the US. These include "Can't Stop the Serenity" in Vancouver and Melbourne, charity auctions, and countless events for the Girl Guides. She has also worked extensively with the California Browncoats and Browncoats Downunder.

C. A. Bridges (a.k.a. cabridges) - Orange City, FL
Co-Webmaster / Communications

SerenityStuff.com webmaster and occasional thinker of ideas, C.A. Bridges writes "24/7", a pop culture column for news-journalonline.com, and generally hangs around fandom watching in awe.

QuoterGal - West Hollywood, CA
Co-Webmaster / Communications
Blah, blah, blah, Pulitzer, blah, blah, blah, Oscar-nominated, blah, blah, blah, Man Booker Prize, Order of the Garter, and the Darwin Award.

Vanessa Driveness (a.k.a. cymerin) - Seattle, WA
Media Relations/Community Outreach Assistance
A mini-bundle of paradoxes, Vanessa is relatively new to the wonderful world of online fandoms in general and the whedonverse specifically. She currently works in fashion and has a background in theatrical design/history and communications (among a myriad of other things.)

Support Crew

Christina (a.k.a. Boji) - London, UK
Kiersten Ball (a.k.a. kballgetlost) - Pennsylvania
Anne Hill (a.k.a. awkwardjonas) - Southern New Jersey
Elizabeth Jondahl (a.k.a. electricspacegirl) - Portland, OR
Louise Du Cray (a.k.a. VioletOHara) - San Mateo, CA
Andrew Matisziw (a.k.a. Pliny) - Burbank, CA
Kristin Pewitt (a.k.a. LApeach) - Burbank, CA
Joel Dahl (a.k.a JoelTDahl) - West Hollywood (LA), CA

And our many volunteers who are working tirelessly on the ground in Los Angeles and New York City, and via the power of the internet.

Design Note

The header graphic on this website is adapted from TV Signal by Alen Grakalic.

Fans4Writers is unaffiliated with the WGA, except in spirit.
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