Other Campaigns

United Hollywood's Virtual Strike
Show your support for the strike by replacing your MySpace, LiveJournal, Facebook, or other avatar with one of these graphics.
Cash for the Crew
Auction items to benefit The Motion Picture & Television Fund's Work Stoppage Relief Fund.
A Colbert Report fan initiative to put faces on the supporting fans.
Las Vegas: E-mail the Advertisers
Fans of NBC's Las Vegas are contacting advertisers, at the request of the Las Vegas writers.
1,000 Cranes for Heroes
Heroes fans are making 1,000 cranes and sending them to the WGA.
• Donations for the "the Office" crew Christmas campaign.
The Actors' Fund
General donations for below-the-line crew affected by the strike.
Criminal Minds Appreciation
Criminal Minds fans raising money to assist below-the-line workers
Dharma Drop
Lost fans collecting funds and items for care packages to the striking writers.

Find these and more campaigns in our forums, and please let us know if you hear of any more.

There are many ways you can support the WGA strike, and Fans4Writers is here to act as a rallying point for all fans.

Whatever else you and your own fan community may want to do to support the writers during the strike, join the Fans4Writers Forum and help us build a cross-fandom campaign network.

Our goal is to ensure that our activism is as effective as possible. With so many different groups all wanting to do "something," it is very easy for those efforts to be duplicated and lost in the sea of support. The most important thing is that all this enthusiasm and goodwill not be wasted on futile activities.

By maintaining a consistent "brand style" image for the duration of the strike, we can send a strong message - ALL fans supporting ALL writers.

Fans4Writers has joined forces with many pro-active and effective groups in fandom to provide you with one location to find fan-driven efforts. The WGA also is developing ways you can support them and the strike.

We have organized our efforts into four key areas, each with a specific purpose.

Morale Boosters. Help keep the WGA strikers motivated for the long haul. This includes our Food4Thought program, delivering regular sustenance to those on the picket lines. Click here for more details, and here for our FAQ on joining the pickets.

Network Campaigns. Let the studios and network affiliates know that you support the writers. Click here for more details, including write-in campaigns, boycotts, petitions and the F4W Photo Campaign.

Advertiser Campaigns. Money talks, so help spread the word to the advertisers and gain their support. Click here for more details.

Spread the Word. Spread the word about the strike, through web banners and icons, printable signs, postcards, t-shirts, and more. Click here for more details.

We encourage you to take action to support the writers.

Be positive. Be enthusiastic. Be effective.

Fans4Writers is unaffiliated with the WGA, except in spirit.
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