Frequently Asked Questions
about Joining the Picket Line

Can I join the picket line?

Yes! The Writers Guild of America has invited anyone who would like to march with the striking writers to join the picket lines.

How do I find out where the picket lines are?

The locations may vary from week to week, so make sure you have the latest information.

Strike Schedules:
For Los Angeles, check here.
For New York, check here.

Where do I go when I get there?

Check the Strike Schedule and follow any directions that have been provided by the WGA. In most cases, links to maps have been provided. Please be considerate, and park away from the picket or march location. Most picket locations are entry ways to studios, and will not appreciate cars being parked illegally.

For marches: Listen for instructions from WGA organizers, who will most likely have megaphones. You will most likely be asked to simply join the march, and walk alongside the striking WGA members and other supporters. Some marches will have Fan Strike Captains. These are individuals who have been tasked with helping fans with picket signs and information. Check the Fans4Writers Forum to find out if there is a Fan Strike Captain at the march you are attending.

For picket locations: Ask to speak to the Strike Captain. The Strike Captain is in charge of the location, and will be delighted to see you.

What should I bring?

This depends on how long you are planning to walk the line. The following list may give you a few useful suggestions.

• Red-colored clothing. This is the WGA’s color of choice, and wearing red is a great way to show your support. Red Fans4Writers t-shirts are available here.
• Comfortable shoes. You are going to be on your feet, so make sure you’ve got your most comfy walking shoes on!
• Hat and sunscreen. We don’t want you getting sunburned or dropping from overexposure, so please be sun smart.
• Warm clothing. It can get cold (especially if you’re in NYC) so bring something warm. You may even need an umbrella.
• Water and snacks. Picketing is thirsty work, so make sure you’ve got provisions.
• Picket Sign. Spare picket signs may be available for you to carry, but it is a great idea to have something that clearly shows that you are a fan supporting the writers. You can create your own, or use the Fans4Writers sign here.
• Camera. A picture can tell a thousand words – which is very important when writers can’t write – so bring your camera and take lots of pictures. Feel free to ask the strikers if you can take a picture with them, but please remember that this is a picket line, not a convention. Joining the picket line shouldn't be seen as an opportunity to be a fan girl/boy. You can share your pictures by adding them to our Flickr album.

What can I expect?

The best advise we can give is to expect a little bit of chaos. Embrace the chaos! Be prepared to be flustered (especially if your favorite writer or actor is there). But remember that they are just people, like you. Say hello, introduce yourself and let them know you’re a fan. Be prepared for some of the responses from passers-by. Some will cheer or honk their horns. Some will boo and jeer. Just smile and be pleasant. It’s not personal.

What should I not do?

• Don't ask for autographs. This is not a convention, and it's inappropriate to use the strike as an opportunity to collect autographs.
• Don't block traffic. This includes both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. You must obey all traffic regulations, and you musn't prevent individuals from accessing places of business, including the studios. Stay on the footpath, and make sure that you allow plenty of room for people to walk by (and at least a foot away from the curb). If the picket location has a cross walk, make sure you follow the traffic signals.
• Don't enter private property. The Studio grounds are considered private property in these cases, and trespassing may result in your removal by security. Such actions damage the reputation of the WGA and may put the picket location at risk.
• Don’t be aggressive. Some passers-by may not support the strike, and may try to get you to overreact. It is even possible that the AMPTP is hoping for some aggressive behavior from strikers, so they can spin it to the media. Don’t take the bait. Be calm, be pleasant and remember that how you behave can affect the way the strikers are perceived by others.



Fans4Writers is unaffiliated with the WGA, except in spirit.
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