Press Release

C. A. Bridges
Media Coordinator

February 2, 2008

Fan Groups Create "" Strike Digest Blog In Support of the Writers' Strike

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Since November, at the beginning of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike against the members of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), fans of the writers have supported their cause with food drops, fundraisers, letter and phone call blitzes, and an outpouring of understanding for the writers' struggle for fair compensation. On January 21, two of the largest fan-led strike support groups, Fans4Writers and Fans For the WGA, began publishing a joint WGA Strike and Fan Support blog at

This new effort pools the efforts of these two dedicated groups, each with its own significant membership base. "The fans are all looking for the same information, and it made sense to establish a single source of strike news," according to Fans4Writers' C. A. Bridges. "There's so much information out there that it can be a challenge for anyone to sort through it all."

Fans4Writers (F4W) began the same day the strike did, launching the Food4Thought program to raise money and deliver food to writers on the strike lines. Since then the group has expanded its efforts, providing resources for fans to join the strike lines, raising money for the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund, and raising awareness through online social groups. In January, the group gained national exposure, hiring a "skytyping" airplane to deliver strike-related messages high above the Tournament of Roses Parade. More information about Fans4Writers is available at

Fans for the WGA (FFWGA) is a "ragtag fleet" of over 2,500 members representing over thirty different television shows and films. The FFWGA is committed to remaining in steadfast solidarity with the writers via organizing consumer and viewer protests, and spreading the message in a thoughtful and precise manner. They want to encourage fans to consider all the unemployed writers in the Guild whose livelihood depends on a new contract. The FFWGA is fighting not just for the Guild, but also for the Below the Line workers. More information about Fans For the WGA is available at

Neither Fans4Writers nor Fans For the WGA is affiliated with the Writers Guild of America, except in spirit.

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Fans4Writers is unaffiliated with the WGA, except in spirit.
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