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The best way to get our message out there is to talk to people.
Tell them what they can do to support the writers.

Write about the strike on your blog.
Post on message boards.
Chat with friends, families and colleagues.
Heck, talk about it in the check-out line, or when you're buying gas. Get creative. Write a letter to your local paper.


Join our official Fans4Writers social sites:

Change your social site avatar to support the writers' strike and spread the word.

Fans Whedon
Colbert Report Law & Order: Criminal Intent

(There are many, many more such icons, in two different sizes, available for other fandoms. See here for the full selection, or to request a new one.) Have you created your own icons to support the writers' cause? Let us know and we'll add them here so more people can make use of them.

fans4writers.com Graphical Signatures


Fans Support the Writers

fans4writers.com Banner Ads

fans4writers.com Banner

Also available in a 728x90 version.

Fans4Writers Picket Sign

Heading to the picket lines to walk with the writers? Why not use our picket sign template (pdf)? You can customize it however you'd like to support your favorite show or writers, while spreading a consistent Fans4Writers message at the same time. For tips on where and how to picket, click here.

"Fans Support the Writers" Postcards Template

Involved in a pro-writer postcard campaign? We're making available a template (pdf) to use to print out on postcard stock.

Fans Support the Writers Poster

"Fans Support the Writers" Support Poster

A full-on Fans Support the Writers/fans4writers.com poster modelled after the original poster (see below) now is available for use. As our "Food for Thought" program kicks into high gear, you'll be seeing this one a lot.

"Fans Support the Writers" Fan Flyer

Modelled after the Support Poster above, this flyer is geared not towards supporting the writers while you're on the picket lines, but for handing out to other fans to make them aware of this effort.

fans4writers.com Support Poster

When fans of Joss Whedon sent pizza to the strike lines, they sent a poster with it. We've made the template for that poster available, with blank space for use by other fan communities. Please contact us if you plan to use this poster. It's a terrible thing, but sometimes people misuse such resources, or misrepresent an effort, because they haven't first contacted the source.

Other Strike Icons, Banners, Etc.


United Hollywood's Virtual Strike

Show your support for the strike by replacing your MySpace, LiveJournal, Facebook, or other avatar with one of these graphics from United Hollywood.

Fans4Writers is unaffiliated with the WGA, except in spirit.
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